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Welcome to the Divorce Recovery and Family Resources Center, P.C.


The Divorce Recovery and Family Resources Center, PC provides two primary services in Austin, counseling and psycho-educational seminars/divorce support groups, both of which focus on relationships.

Relationships are an essential part of being human. When they are satisfying and enriching, they contribute significantly to a sense of security and wellbeing. When they are not, however, they can be a major source of hurt, disappointment, frustration and hopelessness. Unfortunately, many relationships end. When they do end, people need support, understanding and tools to manage the next stage of life. Dr. Larry Miller has been providing counseling and psycho-educational seminars/divorce support groups for over 30 years, helping people improve their relationships when that is possible, and helping them to move on to their new realities when that is not possible.

Both in the Center's counseling services and in the seminars/divorce support groups, strong emphasis is placed on helping clients face their current situation straight-on, experience the strong emotional, interpersonal and often financial ramifications of their situation, then guiding them to a healthy and productive path going forward.

Most of the individuals and couples seen in the counseling practice are still working to improve their relationships, whereas for the majority of the seminar/divorce support group participants, the decision to end the relationship has been made, either by them or by their former spouse or partner. The various programs and services are tailored to the circumstances and life stages of the clients and participants. Collectively, over 5000 individuals have been served in one or more of the Center's programs.

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