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What Should You Do If You’re Arrested In Your Car For Driving With An Invalid License?

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When you see lights flashing in your rearview mirror and realize you forgot your wallet at home, a regular day may quickly turn sour. What happens if you’re stopped without a valid driver’s license? Will you face repercussions if you make a genuine error?

For breaking the legislation prohibiting driving on the highway without a license, there is a typical $120 fine. This fee would be imposed in the case described above when you were driving and discovered you hadn’t brought your wallet or driver’s license with you. It is a civil traffic infraction; hence the charge will most likely be dismissed.

It is recommended that you get your civil traffic ticket dismissed. All you have to do now is show up and establish that you had a valid driver’s license when you were stopped.

This $120 charge also applies if you drive without having earned an Arizona driver’s license or if your license has expired.

You might be arrested if you’re pulled over while driving with a revoked license, especially if the suspension is due to a DUI. This issue might escalate into a felony or, in the worst-case scenario, a felony. DUI convictions carry a slew of consequences, including a suspended license.

Steps To Take After Being Charged For Driving Without A License: The steps are as follows.

  • When the police ask for your driver’s license, simply say you don’t have one and leave it at that.
  • Accept the citation for the time being and fight it later — everything you say might be used against you and worsen your position.

If you’re arrested, contact your lawyer right once. It’s crucial to understand that if you’re pulled over with a gun in your car, you’re not compelled to alert the police. 

As you can see, driving with a revoked or suspended license has substantial implications that can have far-reaching effects. Traffic regulations may be complicated, and they’ve been known to alter unexpectedly. If you believe you did not deserve the ticket, you should always speak with an expert such as Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC.

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