Offshore Dangers

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The ocean is a dangerous place. Even in the Disney movie, “Moana,” her dad warns her not to go out past the reef, because of the dangers that the ocean presents. Not far off from reality, where those who work out in the ocean experience everyday perils and treacherous situations that can lead to accidents and even fatalities.

Because of the dangers that lie in the ocean, Jack Gierhart, the CEO of US Sailing, decided to write a letter to the sailing community regarding ocean safety. Written on Sept. 5 of 2017, just after a summer out on the ocean for the sailing community, Gierhart thought it was necessary to address the many injuries and accidents that took place this past summer out on the water. Gierhart begins his message with a tone of condolence for all the lost lives they experienced this year and sending his apologies to the families who lost loved ones.

Even though the sailing community experienced its fair share of tragedies, it is still one of the safest sports around. When looking at total boating accidents, sailing only accounts for a small percentage of accidents and fatalities. Gierhart believes these statistics to be true because of the respect sailors have for the great seas.

Reports from US Coast guards show that the main focus should be improving safety regulations for racing, communication between sailors and race organizers, and training for the race officials. Training and safety programming can go a long way when dealing with such unpredictable accidents that can happen offshore. It is understood that there should be a healthy balance between regulation and education when it comes to sailing. When the sailors are educated in their emergency resources and made aware of the possible dangers, along with safety regulations set in place, the ocean can be a safer place.

In 2016 alone, the US Sailing program certified over 2,000 instructors, showing that the people who sail are looking for instruction and education. Because of this need for more education, awareness, and regulations, US Sailing created the “National Faculty,” made up of department members from all over the country to bounce ideas off each other and create the best possible success for safety. The National Faculty created a follow-up training program for the instructor process, called Small Boat Level 2, which provides more hands-on experience and life-like stimulations. This second level of training deals with accident recovery and how to properly recover a capsizing, and prevent entrapments. On top of this additional training, an online course has become available for all sailors, called “Safety at Sea.” This program also includes local conditions for each sailing environment.

While the waters are unsafe for sailors, the perils for workers on the ocean are tremendously worse. Williams Kherkher lists all the possible reasons an offshore accident can take place, and as they are plentiful, it is important to remember that there are lawyers out there to help handle the legality behind accidents that are not your fault.

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Nursing Home Abuse: Physical Abuse

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A nursing home should be a place where the elderly can get the care they need, but sometimes, it becomes a place where they are abused and don’t get the medical attention they deserve. Nursing home abuse and negligence may come in many forms, but arguably the most alarming one is physical abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse happens when the patient receives incidental force from another party, which is usually another patient or a nursing home staff. The only good thing about physical abuse is the fact that it is very easy to detect.
This is because physical abuse often translates into bodily injury. So, if your loved one has an unexplained injury, it is wise to consider the possibility that he or she is abused.


But why is it so important to look out for abuse yourself? Your loved one may be physically or mentally limited to explain to you what is going on, or he or she is afraid to speak up. As the fully functioning adult, you should be the one who is assertive enough when it comes to these things. Here are some of the most common signs you should look out for:

  • Deterioration of health, including the worsening of current medical conditions or rising of new ones
  • Signs of abuse in clothing, such as blood stains and tearing
  • Sudden change in behavior in the presence of a particular person
  • Unexplained wounds, especially on typically restrained body parts, like wrists


According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, those who have been hurt in nursing homes or have loved ones who have been hurt in nursing homes may take legal action, such as trying to get compensation from the pain and suffering from nursing home abuse.
But avoiding nursing home abuse is the more attractive option. Before putting a loved one in a nursing home, you should observe first if the nursing home is competent, in terms of both staff and facilities.

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What Can Cause a Truck Accident?

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Massive, eighteen wheeler trucks on the road can appear large, complicated, and almost indestructible. After all, something that large is surely built with the capability to withstand anything and everything on the road! Unfortunately, that is not quite the case or else there wouldn’t be truck accidents; but there are.

Truck accidents can be caused by just about anything that causes a regular motor vehicle accident since trucks are still motor vehicles, technically speaking. It is just that there is more at stake and the potential for danger and destruction is larger whenever there is a truck involved as opposed to a regular four-door car or a motor cycle. For example, on the website of the Oklahoma truck accident lawyers at the Abel Law Firm, it says that some truck accidents can be catalysts for devastating events on freeways or even be catalysts for explosions, if carrying highly flammable material.

Since there is more at stake whenever eighteen wheeler trucks are concerned, the consequences and circumstances that led up to them can be taken differently in a court of law. As an example of that, according to the website of  James Powderly, a drunk driver that caused a regular motor vehicle accident can have an entirely different case to a drunk driver that was involved in a truck accident.

Truck accidents are not exceedingly common – but motor vehicle accidents in general, unfortunately, are. There are certainly more precautions given to trucks because of how much potential damage they could cause and that only means that the branch of the law that covers such incidents can be quite the tricky field to navigate.

If you or someone you know has been involved with a truck accident, it would be the most recommended course of action to seek the advice of an experienced legal professional on what to do next.

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Can My Situation Warrant Action for Personal Injury?

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The term ‘personal injury’ itself is an umbrella term for quite a number of cases. After all, legally speaking, it is meant to cover any injury that is done unto a person through the negligent actions of another party, whether the action was intentional or accidental, according to the website of the Ravid Law Firm. Citing information from the website of lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, even neglect can count as a kind of injury; such is the case of some known nursing home abuse cases.

Due to the broad scope that the term holds, it can be difficult to decipher on whether or not your case warrants legal action under personal injury. For example, if you were accidentally hit in the face by a baseball via some children playing in their yard, there is injury present and another party that was responsible for it. Technically speaking, this kind of situation could be covered by personal injury, but should it? Well, it can be then quite tricky.

Most personal injury cases are filed due to the gravity of the injury done unto the victim. Going back to the baseball situation, was the victim only given a black eye at most or did the victim end up with a traumatic brain injury because of the ball’s impact? There are so many variables to consider that this branch of the law can be one of the most complicated, due to its personalized nature.

To add to the injury, personal injury laws are usually state laws with only very few of them being federal laws. This means that what happens in Houston, Texas may not be the kind of legal situation that Milwaukee personal injury attorneys are used to. The differences may be infinitesimal in nature but these little details could make or break any given case.

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