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My Property Is Ruined – What Should My Next Steps Be?

Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 in Insurance Appraiser | 0 comments

A large section of coastal America is learning a lot about property valuation this year. After so many big storms that destroyed so much property and infrastructure, there are a lot of people who never worried about these issues quite glad they took the safe route and bought property insurance.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the people who learned their lesson about what it means to live on the coast this year. Fortunately, I’m one of the people who thought far enough ahead to get homeowners insurance, and I also bought flood insurance.

A lot of people didn’t think about that second one, which means a lot of my neighbors are going to have a harder time collected on their damaged property. That’s a tough break after a tough year, and I hope they can come to some arrangement with the government or with their insurance companies. For now, though, I have to worry about my stuff.

So, what am I supposed to do now exactly? That’s the question I’m trying to work through. How exactly does my insurance work?

Let me slow down and explain my situation. My house is on a hill, so it actually didn’t get that much damage. However, my garage, which is lower to the ground, did get flooded, and my garage happened to be full of a lot of my stuff. I actually used it mostly as a lounging area, choosing to park my car in the driveway.

So, there wasn’t the need others had to rush out and figure out the insurance situation. Everything I need is okay, I just want to get my garage and everything in there replaced. Since that wasn’t a top priority, I decided not to burden my insurance company immediately after the storm and to wait a bit so those who needed assistance first got it.

Now, I think is a good time to go get that garage repaired, so I’m finally trying to figure out what to do.

As far as I can tell, what happens next after I finally file my claim is I need to get an appraiser. According to the research I’ve done, an insurance appraiser makes all the difference in what the insurance company is likely to pay out in compensation, but do I choose the appraiser? I suppose they’ll tell me that.

At this point, I suppose I just wait for them to do their calculations and hope for a big check.

As you can tell, this is a little hazy for me, so if anyone out there knows more specifics about this, I’d appreciate you contacting me. For instance, should I contact my insurance first or an appraiser? I don’t really know.

Let me know if any of you happen to be experts because I’d like to get these repairs done in early 2018. I miss having my garage space, and I think I’ve given it enough time for the insurance company to have the ability to take care of my needs now.

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